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Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Our Non-Discrimination Policy

patientMoon Wellness Marketing provides equal employment opportunities to all applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability or genetic information.

If you're qualified for this position, please apply — you're welcome here.

===== Off-Cycle Applications =====

Though we recently expanded our team and don't currently have any specific open positions, we're always willing to review a well-considered personal cover letter and resume from someone who's deeply passionate about helping wellness, fitness and yoga businesses succeed.

Form letters will not be considered. Take the time to tell us why you're the perfect fit for us, and we're the perfect fit for you, and we might reach out to talk more.

Local Boston candidates only. While we work with clients spread across the world, our whole team is located in downtown Boston, MA, and we aren't currently accepting applications for remote team members for any positions.

===== Applying =====

Be sure to complete the full application, including a brief cover letter on why you think you'd be a good fit for this specific role and are interested in interviewing with us, along with your answers to the application questions.

Applications sent with only a resume or with form cover letters are ignored — please take a few minutes to write something specific to this position, and to complete all of the application questions.

=== Working With Us ===

== Our Work ==

We help fitness & wellness businesses flourish by providing expert business strategy, marketing, website design & development, online advertising, content writing and brand design. Our clients are yoga studios and teachers, fitness studios, personal trainers, nutritionists, health coaches, wellness publications and other businesses in the wellness community. Our team is deeply passionate about both the work we provide to our clients as well as the wellness services our clients offer — in fact, in addition to their roles at patientMoon, our team members enjoy hobbies and professional pursuits like teaching yoga, rock climbing, fitness training, dancing, cycling and running.

== Our Team ==

We're a small and fast-paced team (8 members and growing), consistently and efficiently delivering results our clients love. To do this, everyone contributes everything they can — we're a very flat organization without bureaucracy while still being professional and organized.

== Our Office ==

We work in a private office in downtown Boston right next to South Station in a converted loft building. Our office and team are highly collaborative, with everyone working together to efficiently produce excellent work for our clients around the world. Team members each have their own desk, but often collaborate side-by-side or in one of the break-out areas in the office with conference tables or comfy chairs. Our team generally eats lunch together in the office, and we provide free snacks, avocados, fruit, coffee, tea and seltzer.


===== Your Skills and Experience =====

== Must Haves ==

For everything you do, you're attentive, detail-oriented and caring. Nothing gets past you, nothing slips through the cracks. It's alarming how organized you are.

You're friendly, and you know how to be professional while being yourself at the same time. You're patient and easy going, not aloof, and you're resilient. Clients, customers and coworkers respect you — not because you always just give them what they want — but because you excel at explaining things in a way that people can understand and appreciate. You're a great communicator via both email and phone.

You react well to constructive criticism. Our team is constantly refining and improving. That's what we do well, change and improve dynamically on a dime. In short, like the rest of the team, you're adaptable, and probably have a good sense of humor.


== Preferred but Not Required ==


Our Benefits for Full-Time Employees

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